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Most common forklift maintenance repairs

It is important to address forklift problems as soon as they are discovered to reduce downtime and prevent further damage, but identifying problems is not always easy. Here are the top three most common forklift maintenance repairs.

Mast problem
  • First, check the hydraulic oil level.
  • Then check the lift chain.
  • Since the mast is the control center of the forklift, it is important to keep an eye on other minor repairs when inspecting the forklift. This will also help you avoid big problems later.
Common mast issues to search for:
  • Not lifting or lowering properly
  • Lifting speed not quick enough
  • Jerky when raising and lowering
Steering problem
Maintaining steering function is essential for both safety and efficiency.
  • Strange noises when turning can indicate rust in the steering mechanism or hydraulic problems.
  • First, check the steering fluid level and consistency.
  • If the liquid level is low, try adding more. If the liquid is thick and sticky, replace it completely.
Common steering issues to search for:
  • Worn/loose pressure valve
  • gear wear out
  • Misaligned Wheel 
  • low steering fluid level
Starting problems
How to solve the starting problem depends on how your forklift is powered

Electric forklift troubleshooting steps:
  • Check the battery charge level. If your forklift won't start, check when it was last charged.
  • Test lights, brakes and other auxiliary functions. If it doesn't work, try charging it or replacing the battery.

Internal Combustion engine forklift troubleshooting steps:
  • Determine the age of the fuel. Has the fuel been in the tank for a long time? Old fuel can slow down the start of the forklift.
  • Check for fuel leaks. Does the smell of fuel smell stronger than usual? This could mean your forklift have a leak. Check oil level. Some forklifts allow the fuel valve to open only when there is a certain amount of oil in the engine.
  • Please check the battery. If you have checked steps 1 to 3 and still can't boot, make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Check coolant level. A clogged radiator or lack of coolant can cause the forklift to overheat and prevent it from starting properly. Clean radiator or add coolant if necessary. If your radiator is severely corroded, it may be time to replace it.

18 Jan 2023